Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Gran never wore pants...

...although she would have called them slacks. Dresses were frocks and shirts were blouses. But seriously, she never wore trousers of any kind.

She was a dressmaker in her younger days and always dressed immaculately. Even as an elderly woman in her eighties, with limited eyesight and living in a nursing home, she would always wear skirts or dresses and always with stockings. Never pantyhose, but always stockings with garters. I remember my mother once bought her some tracksuit pants thinking Gran would find them comfortable and warm in the nursing home. She hated them and they were promptly returned to the store.

While I love the comfort of stretchy t-shirts and I pretty much live in jeans, I find myself drawn to to the dignified polished approach that my Gran had to dressing. I always find that when I wear something special and beautiful it lifts my mood and effects the way I view myself. Fashion is supposed to more than just a practical covering of our naked flesh. It's supposed to be fun and an expression of who we are. And right now I want to feel more lady-like.

I'm not willing to give up my 'slacks', but in taking inspiration from my Gran I am going to try to add a little more polish and lady-like glamour to my everyday dressing.

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