Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have a confession to make...

...I've been secretly wanting to wear animal print. Yes, you heard correctly I said animal print.

For years my friends and I have quietly mocked those brave enough to wear animal print. We found it trashy, tasteless and, well, a little too Scary Spice circa 1996...

But recently I've found myself admiring girls in their leopard print pencil skirts and secretly wishing I had the confidence and style kudos to make it work it my wardrobe. My theory is that in the 80s and 90s animal print (like many things) was done to excess. I realise that the words "subtlety" and "animal print" rarely go hand in hand but I think the key is mixing a small amount of animal print with more classic pieces. And don't flash too much flesh! Here's my picks for the best and worst of animal print:

Worst: Paris Hilton and Rhianna. I don't think they get the subtlety thing.

Best: Accessories and Scarlett Johansson (note the more demure knee length skirt balances the sexiness of the print and body-con fit)

Accessories might be the easiest way for me to dabble in the trend. But only one animal print accessory at a time please!

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  1. LOVE animal print...its purrrrfect! love these pics, you blog is sweet. happy to find you. please stop by and say hi!