Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sweet as Pie Baby Wraps

Baby wraps are super easy to make and are a great project even if you haven't had much experience sewing before.  Basically, you just need to be able to use a sewing machine and sew in a straight line!  I made these for my cousin.  (Well, actually she is my husband's cousin's wife, but that's a bit of a mouthful.)  She is lovely and is about to have a baby!  As I don't have a baby and therefore have never used baby wraps before, I called my dear Mum and she gave me some advice on how big to make them.  Thanks Mum!

You will need (to make three wraps):
 - 3 types of muslin fabrics that look pretty together. (2 of the fabrics I bought were 90cm wide and I bought 1 metre of each of them, the 3rd fabric was about 150cm wide and I bought 1.3 metres of it.  It's good to have a little extra in case they have been cut crooked, as you will need to make them square.
- Matching or contrast bias binding (enough to go all the way around each wrap)
- Thread to match you bias binding

 Give your fabric a gentle wash before you start and once it's dry, iron out any creases.

Cut your muslin into large squares.  The width of the fabric will determine how big the squares will be.  The two plain fabrics are 90cm wide, so I made 90cm squares from them.  The printed muslin is a little wider, so I made the square 120cm x 120cm.  

Depending on how wide the selvedge of the fabric is and how wide your bias binding is, you may need to trim a little of it off so the binding can cover it completely.

Round the edges by placing a glass (or other round object) in each corner of your fabric squares.  Trace around it and cut off the excess.  Having round corners will make it easier to sew on the binding.

Pin on your binding, folding it over the raw edges.  By starting about 6cm away from the corner it will be easy to finish off, while still looking neat.  Ease it gently around the corners.  If you are very confident at sewing, you might not bother pinning it, instead folding it around the raw edge as you sew.

Sew close to the edge of the binding, removing pins as you go.

When you are almost all the way around the wrap, cut off the excess binding, leaving 2-3cm overlap.  Fold over 1cm of the end of the binding and sew right up to your folded edge, overlapping the last little bit of binding.  Back tack and cut your threads.

Give your wrap an iron and it's finished. 

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