Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shh! Don't tell anyone, but I'm wearing my Gran's dressing gown!

This light weight dressing gown used to belong to my Gran. I've kept it because I love the fabric, but I've never worn it. The arrival of Spring makes me dream of sunny days wearing floaty floral dresses so I thought I'd alter the gown and change it into a dress that's a bit more flattering for me.

First up, something had to be done about the length...
Secondly, those sleeves weren't doing me any favours.
Bye bye sleeves!
But some kind of sleeve would be nice. Lucky I have lots of fabric to work with from what I cut off the hem.
New floaty sleeve.
Now for some internal buttons, so a gust of wind won't cause me to expose myself!
Sneaky button.
Okay, so the hems shortened, new sleeves are in, hidden buttons are sewn on and buttonholes are done.  Hope this has worked...

Ta da!

Now if only the weather was warm enough for me to actually wear it.

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